Yes, you are a student. But does that really mean you have to reside in some old lady’s garden cottage, or worse, a converted garage?! Are you doomed to live off take-aways and canned food? Not if we can help it. You ought to have an environment in which you can flourish, both academically and socially. At The Campus student residence, you have access to a bedroom that is unsurpassed in any of the other student accommodations in the area.

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"It's a fine balance between

having fun and working hard."

Some of the student life and student affairs in The Campus includes:

  • Integration with on-campus activities as far as possible;
  • Sporting events with the different tertiary institutions;
  • Social functions and get-togethers as listed under the different facilities above;
  • Facilitate various societies and clubs;
  • Facilitate study and tutorial groups;
  • Create a forum for advertising of temp or part-time employment opportunities;
  • Provide access to various personal support and counselling structures,
    such as Life Line and other counselling services.
  • Additional cleaning to the room in addition to the once a week service.