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student life

Yes, you are a student. But does that really mean you have to reside in some old lady’s garden cottage, or worse, a converted garage?! Are you doomed to live off take-aways and canned food? Not if we can help it. You ought to have an environment in which you can flourish, both academically and socially. At The Campus student residence, you have access to a bedroom that is unsurpassed in any of the other student accommodations in the area.

Rooftop Sundeck and Pool

What better opportunity to take a moment and soak up the warm sun from the rooftop terrace with swimming pool? From here, students enjoy regular social gatherings, like a DJ vibing to loungy laid-back music on every last Saturday of the month – Virgin cocktails only! This is also the preferred area for early morning Yoga classes on weekends.

the campus

Canteen with Coffee Shoppe

The canteen operates primarily on weekends with a limited, but super delicious selection of snacks and finger foods. Here, students can also enjoy a mean cup of coffee from our friendly barrister.

the campus

Comprehensive Gym

Located in the upper basement is the fully comprehensive gym. Here you will find all the usual equipment, like exercise bikes, free weights and a cardio vascular training circuit. Look out for the free bootcamp sessions that we have on a weekly basis – as well as the regular instructional classes by experts in the industry… all included!

the campus

Games Room

What would a games room be without pool tables, darts and foosball? Throw into that regular PS game challenges for the students… Internal championship leagues, here we come! But let us not say too much about that – we don’t want to create the impression that this is all that we are about. You still have to study, study, study!

the campus

Cinema and Auditorium

Yes, we will not be screening the latest movies on circuit – but that will not stop us from having brilliant classics and pop-culture favourites on a regular basis! The cinema/auditorium is also the ideal environment for regular screenings of motivational talks and visits from industry experts with exciting PowerPoint presentations.

the campus

Laundry Rooms

A laundry facility, that will be operated with a card and will have an optional extra of wash and fold.

campus laundromat

Communal Kitchens

Those needing a larger area to prepare their food, and to consume it, will be relieved to know that there is an alternative to the kitchenette in the 4-bed and 5-bed apartments. Here students can cook together and socialise during the process of creating their next culinary masterpiece!

the campus

Computer Lab

Whilst you have access to the internet on your phone and one or two other devices, isn’t it reassuring to know that you can retreat to the computer lab to see your work on a bigger screen than your laptop or mobile handset?

the campus

Interactive Study Areas

Misery loves company? Believe it or not, but some students actually enjoy the process of studying. This facility is an alternative to being bound to the desk in your room. This environment is quiet and conducive to feeding your grey matter.

the campus

Some of the student life and student affairs in The Campus undertaken in 2022 will include:

  1. Integration with on-campus activities as far as possible;
  2. Sporting events with the different tertiary institutions;
  3. Social functions and get-togethers as listed under the different facilities above;
  4. Facilitate various societies and clubs;
  5. Facilitate study and tutorial groups;
  6. Create a forum for advertising of temp or part-time employment opportunities; and
  7. Provide access to various personal support and counselling structures, such as Life Line and other counselling services.
  8. Additional cleaning to the room in addition to the once a week service.
student life
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