It is of vital importance to live in a student apartment that offers a stable environment, and that is conducive to dedicating yourself to your studies. But it is also really important to have fun whilst you’re doing that. What is it they say about ‘all work and no play’? Basically, The Campus offers you the opportunity to enjoy this double-life of serious studies versus whimsical student fun.

The building is divided into five storeys above ground, with two basement levels underground.

The Campus offer a variety different apartment options for you to choose from.

Payment Options

Annual Fee* Payable Over 11 Months
Shared Studio
Shared Studio (with balcony)
R57,750.00 p/year
R60,500.00 p/year
R5,250.00 p/month
R5,500.00 p/month
5-Bed Apartment: Rooms (internal view)
5-Bed Apartment: Rooms (external view)
R70,400.00 p/year
R72,600.00 p/year
R6,400.00 p/month
R6,600.00 p/month
4-Bed Apartment: Rooms (internal view)
4-Bed Apartment: Rooms (external view)
R71,500.00 p/year
R73,700.00 p/year
R6,500.00 p/month
R6,700.00 p/month
1-Bed Studio: Type B
1-Bed Studio: Type B (with balcony)
R85,250.00 p/year
R89,650.00 p/year
R7,750.00 p/month
R8,150.00 p/month
1-Bed Studio: Type A
1-Bed Studio: Type A (with balcony)
R87,450.00 p/year
R90,750.00 p/year
R7,950.00 p/month
R8,250.00 p/month
Parking Bay (optional) R660.00 p/month R660.00 p/month
Admin Fee R650.00 (once off) R650.00 (once off)
Deposit 1 month’s rent 1 month’s rent

*A 5% discount applies to annual payments made upfront!

What exactly is included in this monthly rental?

.Your uncapped Wi-Fi is included
.All furniture (bed, mattress, study desk with chair)
.All of your water and electricity
.Access to all the buildings facilities (like gym, pool, cinema and study areas)
.Your room will be cleaned once a week by our cleaning team
.All maintenance of your room (light bulbs, plumbing etc.)
.Access to a kitchenette with fridge and microwave
.Single rooms have their own TV, whilst 4-bed and 5-bed apartments have a lounge with TV and couch
.Security office with 24-hour access control and CCTV monitoring
.Secure bicycle rack
.Monthly social gatherings and interesting talks by industry leaders

Optional extras to your monthly rental:

.Basement storage facilities
.A basement parking bay
.Food deliveries (prices available on request)
.Additional cleaning of your room
.A laundry facility, that is operated with a card and with optional extra of wash and fold
.Print Shop and Courier service