The Campus provides individual, private student living within a student community. We can accommodate up to 1000 students in individual, private, fully furnished studios. Each studio is equipped with a modern kitchen and a bathroom.

Want to secure your spot at The Campus?

5 Steps: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


Fill in your Application Form

Make sure it is complete with all supporting docs.  You are required to submit a physical copy and give it to your agent at our onsite admin office.

Pay your Deposit & Admin Fee

This will secure your spot at The Campus. Make sure you use the correct reference numbers. You can do an EFT and these details can be received from your agent.

Receive your Unit Allocation

Next, all applicants will receive a notification on which unit in the building they received. This is only for the tenants that already completed steps 1 and 2.

Sign your Lease Agreement

Make sure you go through all the fine print to ensure we are all on the same page. Remember this comes with the Conduct Rules that also needs to be signed.

Go on: Take Occupation

All approved tenants will be able to move into their allocated rooms. Exciting times! Make sure you complete the incoming Inspection Form.

Payment Options

Annual Fee* Payable Over 11 Months
Shared Studio
Shared Studio (with balcony)
R57,750.00 p/year
R60,500.00 p/year
R5,250.00 p/month
R5,500.00 p/month
5-Bed Apartment: Rooms (internal view)
5-Bed Apartment: Rooms (external view)
R70,400.00 p/year
R72,600.00 p/year
R6,400.00 p/month
R6,600.00 p/month
4-Bed Apartment: Rooms (internal view)
4-Bed Apartment: Rooms (external view)
R71,500.00 p/year
R73,700.00 p/year
R6,500.00 p/month
R6,700.00 p/month
1-Bed Studio: Type B
1-Bed Studio: Type B (with balcony)
R85,250.00 p/year
R89,650.00 p/year
R7,750.00 p/month
R8,150.00 p/month
1-Bed Studio: Type A
1-Bed Studio: Type A (with balcony)
R87,450.00 p/year
R90,750.00 p/year
R7,950.00 p/month
R8,250.00 p/month
Parking Bay (optional) R660.00 p/month R660.00 p/month
Admin Fee R650.00 (once off) R650.00 (once off)
Deposit 1 month’s rent 1 month’s rent

*A 5% discount applies to annual payments made upfront!