We get it, your child is out of the house and probably costing you more than ever before. We also understand that you want only the best for them… and that’s why we created The Campus, student housing like no other!
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Consider the location!

At The Campus, your child will be approximately 100 meters from the main entrance to University of Johannesburg. This also places them in close proximity to wits and numerous other private tertiary institutions. Adjacent to our building is Campus Square Shopping Centre with access to various food distributors like Woolworths and Pick n Pay. Your child will have access to a fridge where they can store their purchased food. As far as ready-made meals are concerned, Campus Square Shopping Centre brings a myriad of different restaurants and cafes. Our own facility offers a cafeteria as well, where food can be purchased throughout the week.

Consider the facilities

This website has an entire page dedicated to all the various facilities in The Campus. Once you have read through these, you will understand how this is an environment that caters to all the needs of your child – from numerous social gatherings to a strict academic-orientated environment.

Consider the safety and security for your child

Security is one of the cornerstones of this development. A dedicated team of security personnel oversees the safety and security of each resident every hour of every single day. The only access into the building is via biometric fingerprint reading access gates. Key areas within the building are monitored through CCTV cameras. Students will also register their visitors through the “MyEstateLife” App prior to entry being given to unknown individuals. Residents are also encouraged to report suspicious or upsetting behaviour anonymously to the on-site management team, who in turn will involve the security forces should it be necessary.

Consider value for money

Studies are already expensive as they are, and ensuring your child has only the best can be expensive too. With our close proximity to the different tertiary institutions as well as shopping facilities, you might want to reconsider buying them a car. The comprehensive gym will also negate the need for an expensive gym contract at one of the mega gymnasiums. Various social activities and monthly events should curb your child’s entertainment expenses to a certain degree too. Also bear in mind that your monthly rental includes their internet usage as well as cleaning services, which would otherwise add up very quickly. There is also no need to furnish the apartment as it already comes with a bed and mattress, fridge and microwave. When you add the cost-saving elements together, you’ll find that The Campus offers many opportunities to save on your child’s lifestyle costs, without impacting their lifestyle itself.

Consider their privacy

A very unique feature in this industry; each room has its own en-suite bathroom. This ensures that your child will not be subjected to large open plan bathrooms where hygiene standards are often questionable. Whilst  your child can engage with other like-minded students in the interactive study areas, they can also retreat to the privacy of their own room where they have a study desk and chair. Some students flourish in a communal environment whereas others prefer to be left to their own devices in their room. Either way, The Campus provides environments for everyone to flourish.

We know what you’re thinking, right? If only you had all these facilities when YOU were a student!