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Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Minimise & Maximise Your Closet

One of the best ways to get the most out of your limited student closet this winter is by creating a capsule wardrobe. With the right clothing choices, saving space is easy.

Bulky winter coats, scarves and loads of long t-shirts can make for a cramped wardrobe, especially if your space is limited. There’s nothing worse than struggling to close your closet or battling to find the shirt you want.

Having a limited wardrobe doesn’t mean sacrificing style or wearing the same thing daily. By creating a winter capsule, you can ensure you have multiple stylish outfit combinations.

Not sure how to create your wardrobe capsule? Here are a few tips on how  to minimise and maximise your closet this winter.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A wardrobe capsule is simply a limited collection of interchangeable clothes that complement each other. This technique allows you to make the most of a small clothing selection. A capsule wardrobe usually consists of neutral colours that can easily be mixed and matched. You can use the pieces to create plenty of different outfits.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe Capsule

Using a capsule wardrobe is ideal for university students with limited storage space. And, if you’re a student renting an apartment, moving a lot of clothes around isn’t ideal. It’s also suitable for students on a budget. You don’t need more clothes to have a great wardrobe. You just need to know how to maximise what you have. Below you’ll find a list of essential clothing items.


When it comes to tops, you’ll need three t-shirts and two fancier shirts (blouses for ladies and button-ups for guys). You can also add two tank tops. These are great since you can dress them up with a jacket or jersey. Plus, they’re great for warmer winter days.


When it comes to bottoms, the simpler, the better. A pair of black jeans or pants, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of grey pants will go with multiple outfits. With two of each, you’ll be set for a week. And then, you’ll just need at least one pair of dress pants (chinos make an excellent option for guys since you can dress them both up and down).

And for ladies, you can swap the pants out for a skirt, jumpsuit or a pair of shorts.


Dresses are an amazing addition to any minimalist capsule wardrobe. They don’t take up more space than a t-shirt. And with a pair of stockings and a jacket, you have a complete outfit. The only downside is that there isn’t an equivalent for guys.


Ideally, your university wardrobe will only need two or three pairs of shoes. You should bring one pair of smart shoes. For guys, these can be dress shoes or boots. And for ladies, they can be heels or a pair of boots.

You should also invest in some good sneakers. A pair of black or white vans can be extremely versatile. Lastly, you’ll need a pair of active shoes.

Jackets and Jerseys

When it comes to winter, jackets and jerseys are one of your closet’s most important fashion components. You can style the same shirt in so many different ways with the right jackets. You should have at least three jerseys or jumpers and then two jackets.


Depending on how you sleep, you might want to have a pair of pyjamas for every night, or maybe a single pair for an entire week. This is up to you, but it’s wise to have no more than one pair of PJs per night of the week.


Luckily, socks don’t take up too much space. But with the minimalist mindset, you should only need a pair for every day of the week and an extra two or three pairs. Make sure you pack socks that will go with your shoes. You’ll need at least a couple of active socks, sneaker socks and long socks.


You’ll need underwear for every day of the week and maybe two extra, so you have a bit of leeway if you’re too busy to do the laundry.


When building your wardrobe, you’ll need at least one active outfit. Despite the cold weather, winter workouts can help you combat the winter blues and boost your energy levels. But your active pants can also double up as comfy lounging clothes. And if you invest in the right pair, you might even be able to dress them up.


You’ll need at least one scarf, but two are preferable. Scarves add a sense of style to any outfit and are amazing on those cold winter mornings. You can also add a pair of sunglasses to your outfit to add a different look.

Getting the Max out of a Limited/ Minimalist Wardrobe this Winter

You’ll need to make friends with the washing machine. Since you won’t have as many clothing items, you’ll need to commit to a once-a-week load of laundry. The best way to do this is to have a designated laundry day. Ideally, this should be two days before you run out of underwear.

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