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Finding the Right Student Accommodation – All You Need to Know

Once a student has been admitted to a tertiary institution, the next thing on the list is to find the most suitable accommodation. Not just a place to live, but a place in which they can thrive.

Finding the right student accommodation can be a daunting process, both for the parent and the student. For the parents, there are loads of factors to consider when deciding on their child’s first home away from home. Without question, a student’s living environment plays a large role in the success of their studies. That’s where students are required to practice the values and lessons that their parents have been teaching them up to this point in their lives.

This new stage of their life is where they learn to manage their time, their relationships, their commitments to their studies – all without their parent’s supervision. It’s that fundamental gap between their secure home/school life up until their very first job.

The life of a student is complex. Therefore choosing student accommodation is so much more than simply finding the cheapest possible building that is conveniently located to the lecture halls. There are several student requirements that should not be neglected. It’s also a good idea for them to gather some knowledge on how to survive res life.

Here are some tips to help guide you (as a student and parent) in finding the best student accommodation to thrive in:

Safety and Security:

As parents, we want to leave our children in a space, knowing that they will be safe. It’s just as important that students feel safe in their surroundings – as if they are still living at home. The accommodation that you are considering needs to have security in place, to ensure the safety of students and their belongings. Students also need to feel safe moving around the building at all hours of the day, whether that’s in the early morning or late at night. This comes down to once again, not only the security but also the caliber of a person residing in the building.

Value vs Price:

Take time to view the accommodation options that are on offer – Take note of their offerings, differences and compare price. Evaluate basic expenses over and above the base rental amount; such as water, electricity, Wi-Fi, laundry, gym, etc. These also play a role in your total monthly costs. Weigh up all factors and ascertain which accommodation offers you the best value for your money. Costs play a crucial role in your decision, but don’t forego other environmental factors, such as safety, amenities and student activities on offer. Ideally, you don’t want to move around every few months until you find the spot best suited to you, so take your time in making this new life-changing decision. It’s not all about cost, but about the value you’re getting for the price you’re paying.


Let’s face it, in today’s world, students spend more time on their laptops and cell phones than at the library. The internet has made information more accessible to everyone, therefore, it goes without question that students should have constant access to the online world. A fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection should be a standard in your new home, and having it included in your monthly rental can really simplify the process. This is especially necessary with the shift to e-learning.

Student Life:

As much as students should work hard, they should also have time to socialize, to enjoy the typical “student life”. It is essentially all about balance. By choosing accommodation specifically built for students, you get the benefits of common areas to relax and socialise in a safe and secure environment. At The Campus, we offer free weekly and monthly social activities; such as games nights, movie nights, cook-offs, industry talks and many more. We also offer a wide variety of shared spaces, ideal for the “student life”. Check them out: Here

Health and wellness:

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Why not choose a space that offers a gym or other exercise options, so that you don’t need to travel to move your body. Find out if there is a running group you can join, whether they have yoga classes, aerobics etc.


Choosing accommodation that is close to campus goes without saying. Ideally, it should also be close to public transport routes, shopping centres and other entertainment spaces. Being in a secure location that’s within proximity to everything will help save you a buck or two.

Final Thoughts of Finding the Right Student Accomodation

In general, students are creatures of comfort. They need accommodation that will help create an environment that makes it easy for them to stay in and study, while they have the space to be themselves and socialise. Hopefully, the above has assisted you in making the best choice possible for you/your child at this pivotal life stage.

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