7 things students must know before renting student accommodation

Renting Student Accommodation: 7 Things Students Must Know

When it comes to renting student accommodation near UJ and Wits to suit you and your needs is one of the most challenging aspects of relocating to university. There are also other hidden aspects of student housing that you may not have considered, such as costs, location, and contracts.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 7 handy tips and tricks to keep in mind when renting student accommodation.


  1. Calculate Your Budget

What is your financial situation? Have you double-checked rental prices in the areas surrounding your preferred university? If you wish to live with a group of friends, make sure you discuss rent sharing and other expenses.

Once you’ve decided on a location, double-check that you’ll be able to afford both your rental payments and your monthly outings. Take the time to calculate your income and whether you will have enough left over to live comfortably once your rent is paid.

Budgeting is an essential aspect of student life, so get started and be as honest as possible about all of your expenses.


  1. Contract T’s & C’s

Nobody likes reading the fine print in contracts, but an accommodation contract carries considerably more weight than the terms and conditions you’d skim on when simply downloading an App.

Ensure that you understand the duration of the contract, the deposit required, and if there is a grace period for you to leave without breaching the contract, if you feel the accommodation isn’t appropriate for you.

Are you thinking about living in a shared house? Your contract should clarify whether you are individually accountable for missing bill payments or whether the entire household shares this obligation.


  1. Is The Property In A Suitable Location?

No matter how beautiful a student property is, if every lecture requires a 1 or 2 hour journey to get there, it’s probably not the perfect residence for you.

Before you rent a student apartment, compile a list of public transportation, travel routes, and how long it will take to get to your university or college on Google Maps. In actuality, the closer you are to campus, the better. Also consider safety. The area where your new student accommodation is located needs to be secure to offer you, and your parents peace of mind.


  1. What’s Included in Your Monthly Rental?

Check what’s included in your apartment when you inquire with your agent or landlord about all of the costs in your lease agreement; such as electricity, water, Wi-Fi, etc. It offers you an idea of what else you need to take care of and will help you to budget accordingly. If you’re doing any e-learning, Wi-Fi is an essential.

  1. What Furniture And Appliances Are Included?

Uni accommodation usually includes a fully equipped bedroom, a communal kitchen, and toilet facilities.

Your student accommodation should provide you with a checklist of additional items you should consider bringing along.

  1. How Secure is the Property?

When you move to a different city or even province, your safety and security should be the most crucial consideration when selecting student housing, aside from the cost.

Remember to ask your agent or landlord the following critical questions:

  • Is there a security office with 24-hour access control and CCTV monitoring?
  • Were there any past security issues, and what steps were taken to address them?
  • Is the outside area of the facility well-lit at night?
  1. Will You Be Happy Living There?

The most important question in our opinion, while you are attending university to obtain a degree, as your student years will be some of the best of your life. Your well-being is super important.

You’ll be spending loads of time studying, cooking, sleeping, and socialising at your student apartment, so it’s critical to find a place where you’ll be happy and comfortable.

Checking up on the extra on-site facilities your student accommodation near UJ and Wits offers, is always a good idea and will help you finalise your decision.

In Conclusion

You’ve come to study and are entering that next, exciting phase in your life. Your new home should reflect this new chapter and should resonate with your personality. This is why renting student accommodation that suits you is so important.

Your student accommodation near UJ and Wits will be your new home where you will live, study, and build memories, so take your time and choose carefully.

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