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Student Mental Health: Accommodation and your wellbeing

With the increasing concern over student mental health and wellbeing, the emphasis is being placed on how we can create environments, communities and institutions which facilitate growth. The right space offers them the capacity to thrive, rather than just dealing with individual problems when they arise.

From social media to peer pressure, it’s tough “adulting” as you head out into the real world, where you’re no longer under your parents’ watch.

Benefits of a Healthy Student Environment

A healthy student environment will enable students to attach themselves both physically and emotionally to their new environment, which hopefully will help them to feel safe, secure and give them a sense of belonging. They need to feel welcomed and like their new residence is a place that they can call home, which is what The Campus offers our students. This is essential for surviving and enjoying res life

Student accommodation plays a vital role in the student experience. A sense of belonging and security is essential for young people to be able to feel enabled to take on the risks and challenges of higher education and to achieve the associated academic and life growth. 

Students need to feel part of a shared community but also need to be able to have a safe, private space. This is why finding the right accommodation is so important. Physical environments such as bedrooms and places of accommodation play a vital role in the psychological development of young adults. Environments can encourage shared living and thriving communities where a friend is close by to talk over the stresses and challenges of student life, which is so vital in preventing mental health problems from arising.

Student mental health is hugely improved if they can feel comfortable engaging with other students through cooking, socialising, playing and generally living together in a respectful community. 

Each of these topics link to students accommodation and how the built environment contributes to their mental wellbeing: 

  1. Community: The idea that accommodation creates a community, but within it internal communities also exist. The relationship of the accommodation community to the wider university community and public community need to be considered.
  2. Connectivity: The principle of supporting connectivity at an individual level within the student accommodation but also with the wider university and public.
  3. Culture: The creation of a positive enriching and uplifting culture in which students feel safe, are ‘at home’ and are comfortable. 

Take a look at The Campus student accommodation and the student life we create within our premises!

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