how to survive res life

How to survive res life: Navigating student life

Wondering how to survive res life? In general, varsity life is an experience like no other, that some of us get to go through for a number of years. It’s a lifestyle that comes with an interesting mixture of academic and social experiences, which overall offer lessons for us to bring forth into our future. For most first-year students, it’s a life that’s nothing like their home life, which they’re so used to.

In essence, no one can really prepare the youth for any new life experience, but we can definitely learn how to do campus and res life better, by learning from elders.

So let’s get started. You have picked your res of choice/ chosen the right student accommodation, you have met your roommate, you know where your lecture halls are, you’ve met some really cool people, you know your way around campus and your neighbourhood – Life is good! But you just can’t figure out how to effectively balance everything, in order to ensure that you get the results that matter at the end of the year.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that can help you navigate your way through all the madness of surviving res life:

  • Learn how to manage your money

First things first, money plays a big part in the level of convenience and comfort you have while living at res. Your parents are potentially giving you spending money or perhaps you have a part-time job to bring in that dough, which you need to spend wisely. Suddenly your finances become your own responsibility, so you need to learn how to budget. Think about your bare necessities first, before splurging on things such as clothes and ”the jol”.

  • Become skilled at managing your time

When you’re planning your time, it’s important to first figure out your lecture schedule. After this has been panned out, create your own study routine around your personal life and consider additional time for consultation with you lecturers if needed. Find a healthy way to draw healthy boundaries with your new varsity friends, to ensure that your schedule works with theirs. If you have picked up a hobby or extra mural activity, ensure that you allocate time in your day for it so that it does not interfere with your studies. And when it comes to exam time, make sure you give yourself more than enough time to study for each subject to try and minimize exam stress.

  • Make your room your home

Your room should be your happy place, your safe haven. Besides being respectful and doing your best to have a good relationship with your roommate/s, it’s important to arrange your space in a way that it feels comfortable and is friendly to your new student lifestyle. Set up a space for studying, and for resting, and ensure to keep it tidy, which will also have a knock on effect on your productivity.

  • Stay safe

As exciting as it can be to explore and experience your “newly found freedom”, it is important to stay safe. You’ll be exposed to really cool parties, substance abuse and all kinds of risky behaviour, therefore it is important to stick to your values and be conscious to not succumb to peer pressure. Be sure to observe all the security that is available around you and use it as your go-to should you ever feel unsafe. The great thing about The Campus is that a dedicated team of security personnel oversees the safety and security of each resident every hour of every single day. The only access into the building is via biometric fingerprint reading access gates.

  • Respect the rules

Always maintain a good relationship with your res manager. Understand that res rules are only there for your benefit and breaking them is a risk that is never worth it.


Now, go forth and be great!


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