don't just celebrate valentine's day celebrate valentine's week

Don’t just celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrate Valentine’s Week!

We understand that between lectures, studying and downtime, Valentine’s Day can be a little crazy, but why celebrate just on one day when you can celebrate it the whole week? The 14th of February has been a tradition since the year 496. What?! The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February, which was the official start of their springtime. Over the years it became a set day that we now know to be February the 14th.

We have put together some ideas for you to express your love to your special somebody throughout the entire week.

Get Crafty With Gifts

There’s always something a little more special about a personal hand-made gift. Get creative, and channel your inner artist! Pinterest has some great, creative Valentine’s Day ideas and inspo to help you out if you have a bit of a creative block. A gift as simple as a hand-made card expressing your love; a jar of home-made, oat crunchies to enjoy with a coffee between lectures or a photo collage featuring your favourite memories. There are so many personal ideas that will suit your person perfectly, just take some time to think about what you want to do, and what you are able to do.

Venture Out Into Nature

Take a moment out of your busy university schedule to spend some time with your squeeze outdoors. Whether you take a stroll to the local park, explore the nearest nature reserve, or even a quiet outdoor area on campus. Grab a picnic blanket, some pillows, a snack and you have the beginnings of a romantic setting! If the weather doesn’t seem suitable to be outdoors, recreate the picnic setting in your room by adding a few fairy lights and music. One of our favourite Valentine’s Day ideas is spending quality time with your ride-or-die bae.

Have A Game Night

Board games are a great way to connect, have fun and laugh together. After dinner, pour a glass of your desired drink, put some chocolates out and set up your favourite boardgame. Maybe even just a simple night playing cards, listening to music and having a great laugh is exactly what you both need to unwind and reconnect. Plus, with some easy easy dinner ideas, the date won’t be too stressful.

What’s cooking good looking?

Restaurants can be quite tough on your wallet during Valentine’s Day, so why not put your cooking skills to the test and whip up something delicious? We know how much you miss a homecooked meal, so why not treat yourself and your person to a tasty home-made dinner. This Valentine’s Day idea is a win-win because you also get to enjoy a homecooked meal, and your partner will also appreciate the personal effort, especially if you decide to prepare their favourite meal and/or dessert.

Design A Treasure Hunt

Let’s be honest, the little kid that still lives within us, loves a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Set out a few clues that you dot around your or your partner’s room, that leads them to the next clue, taking them through special memories as you go along, and at the end of the treasure hunt will be your gift to them.

Don’t Underestimate The Small Things

If your partner is not the extravagant ‘wine and dine’ type, you can still make each other feel appreciated. Place short notes of appreciation in their study books or on their laptop screen, so they see your note as they open their laptop. Send a WhatsApp telling your partner how much you appreciate them. Or keep it simple and find a movie on Netflix that you have both been wanting to watch (but haven’t had the time to) and spend the evening together.

The most important point about all of these Valentine’s Day ideas is to spend time together doing what makes you both happy. Investing time in your relationship is much more important than spending money. Always remember that a hug, a smile, and some quality time together is worth much more than any gift.

Enjoy Valentine’s Week with your person and find a change of scenery in and around The Campus student accommodation.

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