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The Campus luxury student apartment accommodation has a variety of living options. We know, it can be challenging to decide which apartment to choose. Don’t let that stop you! Our blogs are here to assist you in everything relating to your new student life.

University Checklist

Some of you could be moving universities or simply accommodation. Either way, a University moving checklist is essential!

Easy Dinner Ideas for Student Living!

As full-time students, few have time to slave for hours over the stove. But what does this mean for students who love good food? I mean don’t we all? No stress at all.

Accommodation and your wellbeing

From social media to peer pressure, it’s tough “adulting” as you head out into the real world, where you’re no longer under your parents’ watch.

Student Life Balance

Life is a balancing act, and students need to become master acrobats to navigate their chaotic lives. Between lectures, studying, working, apartment chores, and still maintaining a social life.

Land your First Job

How is it possible to get a job with no experience when a job is what you need to get experience in the first place. The challenges of a graduate looking for a job.

Adapting to E-Learning

Adapting to E-Learning All around the world, educational institutions have been forced to periodically shut their classrooms due to Covid-19, bringing about the need for e-learning.

Coping with Exam

Dealing with exam stress can be hard for any student during the exam period. Especially during a time when there are external factors that each student has to consider when preparing for their exam.

How to survive res life

In general, varsity life is an experience like no other, that some of us get to go through for a number of years. It’s a lifestyle that comes with an interesting mixture of academic and social experiences.

Right student accommodation

A part-time job will not only demonstrate to potential employers your sound work ethic and willingness to do what you must to prove yourself

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