advice for move in day

Advice for Move In Day

Looking for advice for move in day? Get ready to move in to your new tertiary education with these tips and tricks.

The best way to prepare for moving out of home is to quite simply “be prepared”. Every college and university have its own rules and traditions surrounding move in day. Moving out of home and moving in to a university campus can be daunting. Your new “house mates” that you’ll very quickly make at student accommodation, such as The Campus will make you feel at home from day one. We know how excited you must be to get acquainted with your new home-away-from-home, but you probably have some questions too.

Here are some tips to help reduce stress levels and make your big move fun and simple.

  1. Plan

Moving out of home is no easy feat, especially not if it’s your first time. Stay focused guys and gals, there’s a lot that goes into successfully moving into your new “res”. You need to plan the big moving day and ideally get some help from family and friends, so that you are sure to move like a pro. Making a university checklist is a great way to remember everything.

  1. Gel with your fellow students

Take the time to get to know other resident students in communal spaces, such as in the shared lounge or kitchen. Perhaps the games room is right up your alley? Share your digits and start to establish rapport between your new friends. The sooner the better. The sooner you make your new little family the quicker you’ll feel at home.

  1. Know your move in date and time

Move in day could be a logistical nightmare if all incoming students showed up at once. Therefore, The Campus will notify you of your move in schedule. While every accommodation’s move in process may be different, many will most likely assign a specific date and time slot to bring through your things and begin to set up your space for the next few years.

Along with your move in date and time, find out how you’ll get your items to your room. Is there an elevator? Is there someone to assist? Are cars to be parked in a specific parking lot? How far away is this from the entrance? Knowing this information beforehand helps prepare and avoid move in day stress.

  1. How big is your room?

The Campus room layouts are different – see our apartment layouts here. Simply scroll down to see what’s included in your rental, so that you know what additional items to bring along. Once you have decided on your room, the planning can commence. This information is essential for knowing how to best pack for university move in day.

  1. Make a packing list

There are loads of resources online for essentials to bring to your new student accommodation. Check out sites like Pinterest for room inventory lists and what to pack. Use this as a guide to create a pre-move in list that works for you, to ensure that none of your fave items are left behind. If you’re renting student accommodation, make sure you know what you already have and what you’ll still need.

  • Some items you may want to consider bringing along:
  • Under-the-bed storage trays – for all your cool gear
  • Fan and mini heater
  • Dry-erase wall calendar/board – if you prefer this to Pinterest
  • Mini toolkit (including a screwdriver, hammer, wrench)
  • Pictures/wall art
  • Picture hangers (double-sided tape for concrete walls)
  • Plants – to feel the green vibes
  • Mini trash can


  1. Line up your moving assistants

While the entire family may want to assist you in your move, too many people crammed into your new room is probably not the best idea. Rather try to limit your helpers to one or two people. Check with your new student accommodation on their guidelines for move in day help. Some may offer student representatives to help with your big day.

  1. Pack like an expert

Think of how you’re going to transport your goods. All your fave items need to fit into the car or mode of transport that you’ll be using. Be smart with your packing and if you can’t move all in one day, plan on how you’re going to schedule time in to move in shifts.

  1. Only pack the necessary

It’s normal to want to bring a ton of items from your bedroom to your new “home”. But that would leave little room for you to get in and out of your room. Pack smarter, not harder, by choosing multi-purpose items, like lamps with USB chargers. Think of university living almost like camping (minus the mosquitos) — you wouldn’t bring your 50” TV or drum set, right? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that you should leave your cherished items behind. Just don’t bring everything with you that you may not even use.

  1. Consider storage containers, rather than cardboard boxes

Storage bins will be one of your best friends during your move in day and beyond. Instead of using cardboard boxes that will need to be broken down and disposed of, choose storage bins that you plan on keeping on campus and reusing. You could even roll your clothing up tightly and pack them in a lidded container under your bed. We prefer clear ones to see exactly what’s in each box.

  1. Only pack for the present season

While you may have a closet and chest of drawers, you’ll do best by packing for the current season only. There’s no need to pack that bulky winter jacket when it’s 30 degrees outside. If you have a winter break, you can switch out your seasonal clothes then. Smart thinking!

  1. Make a list of things you’ll purchase at university

Grab things like pens, notebooks and utensils at your local supermarket or campus store. No need to pack upfront – winning! 

To sum it up

University move in day will be exciting, memorable, and almost stress-free if you prepare a packing plan and room essentials checklist. With proper planning, you can focus on making it an enjoyable experience, so that you can start the first few days at your new home getting to know your roommates and begin to experience the next amazing chapter in your life.

Send this link to your parents, so that they too can rest assured that you are in good hands, if not the best!

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